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01-31-2008 Meeting

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 6 months ago


Andy Giesler, Becky Yoose, Brett Rohlwing, Dave Zwicky, David Drexler, Laura Wynholds.


Activity Updates

We went over 2007-2008 Activity Plan. Updates...


  1. Just for Fun Event. Three ideas: board/card games, bowling, and watching a video / playing video games. An email will follow to get peoples' opinions.
  2. LIS Tech Overview. Several volunteers will help brainstorm what should go in the class/document. Some of us will meet 2/13, and the rest will e-brainstorm.
  3. Open Source Open House. Done. It was swell.
  4. Presentations à la LITA. Not official LITA events per se, but LITA folks (Angela Milock, Becky Yoose, David Drexler, and Laura Wynholds) have offered or are planning a number of presentations and workshops on techie topics.
  5. Speaker Series. We'll do at least 3 and maybe 4. David Zwicky has made initial contact with our speakers. In addition to the "Open Stuff" theme, we'll ask Steve Meyer to talk about some prototype LIS software he created.
  6. Technology Incubator. Laura's seriously hankering to wipe something. The plan is to wipe the existing LITA workstation + another computer and install Linux and other good stuff on them. We'll invite people to watch and/or help.
  7. "SLISIT" Blog. Still chugging along at http://slisit.wordpress.com/

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