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04-13-2008 Installing Linux

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 4 months ago

A few resources for today's install


Learning about Linux


Linux in General

  • Video intro to Linux from How Stuff Works.
    • Note that the "hardware" section of this site has a lot of other useful videos that will help you understand your computer better: adding RAM, adding a video card, buying a laptop, changing BIOS settings, and the like.
  • General background is on Wikipedia (of course)
  • Linux.org's Getting Started with Linux online tutorial (more technical)


Ubuntu Linux in Particular

Ubuntu is arguably the most consumer-friendly Linux, and it provides some instructional videos to match that reputation.


Choosing a Linux "Distro"

There are many flavors ("distributions" or "distros) of Linux. Ubuntu is a great choice for your first Linux experience, but if you decide to consider others -- for example, if your computer is too old to run Ubuntu well -- the following sites will help you pick.

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