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2007-2008 Activity Plan

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago


Fabulous? Pfeh! The word "fabulous" blanches at its inadequacy in the face of this list.

We've got some great activities planned. Get ready for some teaching, helping, and learning.


If you're a LITA member please sign up to help with these activities. You can either edit the list directly in the wiki, or email Andy G and he'll add you.



1. Just-for-Fun Event (anytime)


What? Getting together just to get together, technology optional.

Need: Fun people up for organizing a get-together.

Who: Laura W and Brett R



2. LIS Tech Overview (ready August 2008)


What? A presentation and handout that briefly describes many LIS-related technologies, to be offered September 2008 as a help to new SLISers.

Need: Normal people to point out what needs explaining; geeky people to explain it.

Who: Andy G and ...?



3. Open Source Open House (Nov 2007)


What? A presentation and hands-on session about Linux and open source (free) software applications. Includes give-aways: CDs with goodies.

Need: Geeky people who know about open source; normal people willing to learn and/or to help with logistics.

Who: Andy G, Dave Z, David D, Laura W, Sarah R



4. Presentations à la LITA (any time)


What? Something you know about that you'd like to share with others. David D presented Podcasting; Angela M has offered to talk about Bloglines for job hunting.

Need: People who know something about a technical topic and would like to share.

Who: David D, Angela M, Laura W, and ...?



5. Speaker Series: "Open Sources, Open Minds" (Spring 2008)


What? Three speakers on topics related to open access to information. Dave Z has lined up two, and we need to choose a third.

Need: People to help pick a speaker, schedule the presentations, and spread the word.

Who: Dave Z, David D and ...?



6. Technology Incubator (ready May 2008)


What? Computers loaded with Linux, content management software, library management software, etc. A place where you can play with serious tools and not worry about doing serious damage.

Need: People to help with planning and setting up the computers; mad geek skillz are entirely optional.

Who: Andy B, Laura W, Sarah R, David D, and ...?



7. "SLISIT" Blog (all year)


What? A place to post articles and other things at the intersection of LIS and Information Technology. People can sign up for the news feed for good reading.

Need: Per Becky's email, if you find a relevant article please post it or mail it. We'd also welcome more moderators.

Who: Andy G, Becky Y, David D, and ...?

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