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Activity Triage 2007-2008

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 11 months ago
Career Stuff
AG DD DZ SR Activity
    Roundtable. Ask in people who hire these position -- presentation and/or Q&A.
        Resume Workshop.
        Practice Interviews.
        Practice Presentations.


AG DD DZ SR Activity
      Help the Jailhouse Library Group (DD will be redoing their site as an IA class project)
        Help the Allied Drive group


AG DD DZ SR Activity
A  B    A Technology Incubator. Create a sandbox where people can play. Publicize it.
        Set up a Linux box or Web server (independent of the Incubator project).
A       Website design: a couple of groups have asked for help. Offer to others. Apprentice learning: 1 doer with 1-3 learning helpers.


Information Export (Outreach)
AG DD DZ SR Activity
 A   A Library IT News Feed. Create a blog where LITA members can post library tech links of interest.
     C Resources on SLIS Website. Provide a list of tech resources and links on the SLIS website.
 B  B     LIS Technology Primer: Social. A buzzword-filled hour presentation: a wide range of LIS-relevant technologies.
 C       LIS Technology Primer: Online. A wiki or other web document covering a wide range of LIS-relevant technologies.
        Discussion session: pick a topic. Get together and discuss it. Maybe even something controversial to debate.
      Paper to Publish: Set a goal of submitting a paper to an online or paper journal by year-end.
      Expert List: Provide SLIS with a list of people willing to help in various specific areas.
   C     Help Line: More general than the Expert List -- just a way for people to call into LITA for help.
 A   Open Source Open House. Steve Paling was interested in talking this over with us.


Information Import (Speakers)
AG DD DZ SR Activity
 B  B     Jessica Baumgart. SLIS alum interested in giving a talk. (Update: SLA has contacted me; Barbare is working out possible times.)
 C     Digital Libraries. Why faculty do/don't use them. Someone on campus has researched this.
        Digital Libraries. Artists Book Collection.
        Digital Archives. Issues when digitizing paper source materials.
 B  A     Digital Archives. Issies around preservation of digital materials.
      Open Access.
   B     DSpace. Digital Asset Management


Just for Fun
AG DD DZ SR Activity

Picnic, game night, pot luck, pub crawl... other ideas?

How about facilitating travel to or making plans to attend ASIS&T in MKE en masse? Are there others planning to attend? -- SR



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