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Open Source Open House

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Rough Outline: 


What is Open Source?


Library-Related Software

Living with Linux



What is Open Source?

"source"; "open"

vs. proprietary

Free Software (“Freeware”)

Free Open Source Software (“FOSS” or “F/OSS”)

aka Free/Libre/Open Source Software (“FLOSS”)

Open Source But Not Free Software (“OSBNFS”)

eg.  Apache Web Server, Firefox Browser, Ubuntu Linux, OpenOffice




What is Linux?

What is a “distro”?

How Linux is normal

How Linux is cool


Library-Related Software


Integrated Library System, e.g., Koha/OpenBiblio

Content Management System, e.g., Drupal/Omeka



Living with Linux




URLs for selected open source software (doc file)


Google Presentation on CMSs



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