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2011-09-23 Social Meeting

Page history last edited by Liz Krznarich 9 years, 2 months ago

Attendees: Liz Krznarich, Stephen Nonte, Jason Palmer, David Woken


A few LITA members gathered at Memorial Union on Fri, Sept 23, 2011. Among other things, we discussed:


UW Registered Student Org (RSO) status

Last year we became an official UW student org, a status which must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year, per procedures specified by the UW Center for Leadership & Involvement (listed here: http://cfli.wisc.edu/student_org_registration.htm). David completed step 1 on 9/22 (attend orientation session) and is working on completing the registration form.


KOHA Guest Lecture

Vicky Teal Lovely, KOHA implementation manager for the WI South Central Library System has agreed to speak with us about this project. Liz will work to coordinate a time and location.


LITA Study Sessions

Based on the Doodle poll results, LITA will host weekly study sessions alternating between Sun and Thurs evenings. Sun sessions will happen in a Memorial Library study room, and Thurs sessions will be in the SLIS library. See calender on the front page for details. We need at least 1 LITA member to be present for each session.


LITA Workshops

Doodle poll results on workshop topics were pretty inconclusive, so we've tentatively decided to offer a 2-part series covering computer hardware anatomy and basic repair/maintenance. Details are uncertain at this point.

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